Body Doubling ADHD, What Is It and How Does It Work?

Body doubling ADHD is a technique that involves having another person physically present to provide support, structure, and accountability to individuals with ADHD

Body Doubling ADHD Overview

Body doubling is a concept that originated in the field of psychology and has shown promising results as an effective tool for individuals with ADHD. In this article, we will explore the practice of body doubling specifically tailored for those with ADHD, its principles, benefits, and how it can be applied to improve focus, concentration, and overall performance.

Understanding the concept of body doubling involves recognizing the importance of external structure and support in mitigating ADHD-related challenges. By utilizing the presence of another individual as a supportive companion, body doubling aims to provide a sense of accountability, structure, and reduced distractions, ultimately assisting individuals with ADHD in staying on track with their tasks and goals.

What is Body Doubling ADHD?

Body doubling for ADHD is a technique that involves having another person physically present to provide support, structure, and accountability to individuals with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). The concept is based on the understanding that individuals with ADHD often struggle with maintaining focus, staying organized, and managing time effectively.

During body doubling, the supporting individual acts as a companion and helps the person with ADHD stay on track with their tasks and goals. They create an environment that minimizes distractions and provides external structure and guidance. The body double may sit with the individual, work alongside them, or simply be present in the same space to offer a sense of support and accountability.

The presence of a body double can help individuals with ADHD maintain their focus, increase their productivity, and reduce the likelihood of getting distracted. The body double is a non-judgmental presence, providing encouragement, reminders, and assistance when needed. This technique can be especially beneficial in situations that require sustained attention and concentration, such as studying, working on important projects, or completing challenging tasks for individuals with ADHD.

The body double serves as a non-judgmental presence, offering reminders, encouragement, and support, which can be highly beneficial in managing ADHD symptoms and optimizing task performance.
The body double is a non-judgmental presence, offering reminders, encouragement, and support, which can be highly beneficial in managing ADHD symptoms and optimizing task performance.

ADHD Fact Sheet

Prevalence: ADHD is one of the most common neurodevelopmental disorders, affecting approximately 5-10% of children and 2-5% of adults worldwide. It is more commonly diagnosed in males than females.

Core Symptoms: The core symptoms of ADHD include inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity. Individuals with ADHD may struggle sustaining attention, organizing tasks, following instructions, sitting still, and controlling impulses.

ADHD is categorized into three subtypes:

a. Predominantly Inattentive Presentation: Primarily characterized by difficulties with attention and organization.

b. Predominantly Hyperactive-Impulsive Presentation: Primarily characterized by hyperactivity and impulsivity.

c. Combined Presentation: Displays symptoms of both inattention and hyperactivity-impulsivity

Diagnosis of ADHD: This involves a comprehensive evaluation, including interviews with the individual, parents (for children), and teachers or other relevant observers. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) criteria are commonly used for diagnosis.

Long-Term Outlook: With appropriate diagnosis, treatment, and support, individuals with ADHD can lead fulfilling lives. Early intervention and ongoing management can significantly reduce the impact of symptoms and improve overall functioning.

Co-occurring Conditions: ADHD often coexists with other conditions such as learning disabilities, anxiety disorders, depression, oppositional defiant disorder (ODD), and conduct disorder (CD). These comorbidities can further complicate diagnosis and treatment.

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Holding Hands
Holding Hands

Body Doubling ADHD Statistics

Understanding the effectiveness and impact of body doubling for ADHD is crucial in exploring supportive strategies for individuals with ADHD. Body doubling, which involves having a companion present to provide assistance and structure, has gained attention as a potential tool to improve focus, reduce distractions, and enhance productivity for those with ADHD. Examining relevant statistics can shed light on the prevalence of body doubling utilization and its reported benefits. By exploring these statistics, we can gain insights into the potential effectiveness of body doubling as a supportive technique for individuals with ADHD and its role in optimizing task performance and managing ADHD symptoms.

8.7 Million

In 2019, the number of visits to physician offices with attention deficit disorder as the primary diagnosis was 8.7 million.

Source: NIMH


Approximately 9.5% of American adults, ages 18 and over, will suffer from a depressive illness (major depression, bipolar disorder, or dysthymia) each year.

Source: NIMH


The heritability of ADHD, estimated to be around 70-80%, further supports the notion that genetic factors play a substantial role in its development.

Source: NIMH

ADHD Body Doubling Benefits

Body doubling as a strategy for individuals with ADHD can provide several benefits. Here are some key benefits of utilizing body-doubling ADHD:

  1. Increased Focus and Attention: Body doubling can help individuals with ADHD improve their ability to maintain focus and attention on tasks. Having a supportive companion present can reduce distractions and provide a structured environment that promotes sustained attention.
  2. Enhanced Productivity: The presence of a body double can improve productivity by helping individuals with ADHD stay on track with their tasks and goals. The body double can offer reminders, encouragement, and assistance when needed, facilitating task initiation, completion, and organization.
  3. Accountability and Motivation: Body doubling provides a sense of accountability, as individuals with ADHD have someone present who can hold them accountable for their actions and progress. The supportive presence of the body double can also serve as a source of motivation, helping individuals stay motivated and engaged in their tasks.
  4. Reduced Procrastination: Procrastination is a common challenge for individuals with ADHD. By utilizing body doubling, individuals can overcome procrastination by having a companion who supports them in getting started on tasks and maintaining momentum.
  5. Minimized Impulsivity and Distractions: Individuals with ADHD often struggle with impulsivity and get easily distracted. The presence of a body double can help reduce impulsive behaviors and external distractions by creating a focused and structured environment.
  6. Emotional Support: Body doubling can offer emotional support to individuals with ADHD, who may experience frustration, self-doubt, or anxiety related to their challenges. The body double can provide encouragement, understanding, and reassurance, creating a supportive and non-judgmental atmosphere.
  7. Improved Time Management: Individuals with ADHD often face difficulties with time management. Body doubling can assist in establishing routines, setting timers or reminders, and helping individuals stay aware of deadlines and time constraints, ultimately enhancing time management skills.

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How to Body Double ADHD?

Implementing body doubling for ADHD involves a collaborative effort between the individual with ADHD and a supportive companion who acts as the body double. Here are some steps to consider when using the body doubling technique:

  1. Find a Supportive Companion: Identify someone willing to be your body double. This can be a family member, friend, colleague, or professional support worker. Choosing someone who understands your challenges and supports your goals is important.
  2. Set Clear Goals and Tasks: Determine the specific tasks or activities you want to focus on with the help of your body double. Clarify your goals and what you hope to accomplish during the body doubling sessions.
  3. Create a Structured Environment: Choose a quiet, organized space to work or engage in tasks. Minimize distractions by removing unnecessary items or reducing noise levels. Establish a routine and schedule dedicated time for body doubling sessions.
  4. Communicate Expectations: Have an open and honest conversation with your body double about your needs, challenges, and preferred support methods. Communicate your expectations regarding their role and how they can best assist you.
  5. Establish a Plan: Work with your body double to create a plan for each session. Determine how long the session will last, what tasks will be focused on, and any specific strategies or techniques that will be employed. Consider using timers, visual cues, or checklists to help structure the session.
  6. Use Supportive Strategies: Your body double can assist you in staying focused and on task. They can provide reminders, offer encouragement, or help with organizational aspects. They may also act as a sounding board for ideas or assist with problem-solving.
  7. Regular Check-ins: During and after the body doubling session, take time to communicate and evaluate your progress. Discuss what worked well and identify any areas for improvement. Adjust your approach based on feedback and insights gained from each session.
  8. Express Gratitude: Show appreciation to your body double for their support and involvement. Recognize their efforts and their positive impact on your ability to stay focused and productive.

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Body Doubling ADHD Treatment

Body doubling ADHD is not a formal treatment but a supportive strategy that can be incorporated into an individual’s overall ADHD management plan. It is important to approach ADHD treatment holistically and consult with healthcare professionals to develop a comprehensive approach tailored to individual needs. However, body doubling can complement existing treatments and interventions for ADHD by providing additional structure, support, and accountability.

Here are some considerations regarding body doubling as part of ADHD treatment:

  1. Collaborative Approach: Work with mental health professionals, such as psychologists, psychiatrists, or therapists, who specialize in ADHD. They can assess your specific needs and develop a treatment plan incorporating body doubling and other evidence-based strategies.
  2. Individualized Implementation: Body doubling should be tailored to the unique needs and preferences of the individual with ADHD. Determine the specific situations or tasks where body doubling would be most beneficial and establish clear goals for its implementation.
  3. Supportive Partner: Identify a supportive individual who can act as the body double. This person can be a family member, friend, colleague, or professional support worker. It is important to have open communication and establish expectations and boundaries with the body double.
  4. Creating Structure: The body double can help establish a structured environment by providing reminders, setting timers, creating to-do lists, or assisting with the organization. They can also help minimize distractions and keep the individual on task.
  5. Accountability and Encouragement: The body double is a source of accountability and encouragement. They can provide positive reinforcement, motivation, and assistance when the individual with ADHD faces challenges or becomes overwhelmed.
  6. Flexibility and Adaptation: Recognize that the effectiveness of body doubling may vary for different individuals and situations. Be open to adjusting and refining the approach as needed. Regular communication and feedback with the body double can help fine-tune the strategy.

Remember, body doubling is just one component of a comprehensive ADHD treatment plan. It should be used in conjunction with other recommended interventions, such as medication, therapy, behavioral strategies, and lifestyle modifications. The goal is to find a combination of approaches that work best for managing ADHD symptoms and improving overall functioning. Consulting with healthcare professionals is crucial in developing a personalized treatment plan that addresses the individual’s unique needs and goals.

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  1. Body double meaning adhd?

    Body doubling ADHD is a supportive technique where an individual with ADHD has a companion, a body double, physically present to provide assistance, structure, and accountability. The body double helps the person with ADHD stay on track, maintain focus, and manage ADHD-related challenges during tasks or activities. This technique benefits individuals with ADHD as it provides external support, minimizes distractions, and promotes productivity.

  2. Is having adhd body double effective?

    Having an ADHD body double can be an effective strategy for individuals with ADHD. The presence of a supportive companion during tasks or activities, known as body doubling for ADHD, can provide structure, accountability, and assistance. By having a body double, individuals with ADHD may experience improved focus, reduced distractions, and increased productivity.

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