Inpatient Mental Health Treatment

We Level Up Washington is committed to providing comprehensive care for those seeking inpatient mental health treatment in Spokane, WA. Our dedicated team of professionals offers personalized support and evidence-based therapies to help you on your path to recovery. With a focus on creating a safe and nurturing environment, we ensure that every individual receives the attention and care they deserve. Contact us today to learn more about our inpatient mental health treatment and how we can support your journey to wellness.

Inpatient mental health treatment is essential, life-saving care, but it is still widely feared, stigmatized, and misunderstood. We at We Level Up Washington think it’s time to erase the stigma. Going to inpatient mental health facilities in Washington State for treatment is simply what you do to get the right level of care when you’re in crisis. It’s not different from going to the hospital for short-term acute treatment of a medical problem or condition.

Your first thought when someone says inpatient treatment might be a psychiatric hospital. It’s only fair to acknowledge that, no matter what kind of hospital we’re talking about. No one wants to go to a hospital, and when it comes to that, it likely won’t be the best time of your life. But, private mental health centers, such as the We Level Up WA inpatient mental health hospital in Spokane, can play a crucial role in your well-being, long-term mental health, and life quality. 

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The goal of inpatient treatment is to stabilize you enough to continue your rehabilitation in the community. It’s nothing more and nothing less than that: a short stop to get the help you need to get through a crisis. This simple fact could be what saves your life.

What Is Inpatient Mental Health Treatment?

Inpatient programs refer to a combination of treatments received within a specialized facility during a long-term stay. This is a recommended program for those in need of 24-hour care. Depending on the client´s needs, programs can take from a few weeks to a few months. While in the facility, people can receive different medical or psychological assistance and additional treatments and amenities, depending on the facility. 

Typically, 24/7 medical assistance is present. While residing within the facility, you have a structured schedule, cleaning and laundry services, as well as meals and recreational spaces. This way, a holistic approach allows you to take care of your body, mind, and spirit.

Not everyone who needs or wants inpatient therapy for their mental health will ever need inpatient treatment and mental health services, but some will. It’s a service that’s there for exactly when you need it and for only as long as you need to be there.

A patient and staff member talking during an inpatient mental health treatment.
Inpatient mental health facilities in Washington State are able to provide 24-hour care and assistance.

Why Choose We Level Up Washington for Inpatient Care?

Searching for inpatient mental health near me? Our Spokane Washington inpatient treatment center offers top-of-the-line behavioral health therapy for clients and family support across the United States. We treat a variety of mental health disorders and dual-diagnosed cases, rely on evidence-based approaches in mental health treatment, and take a holistic approach to recovery.

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Searching for Accredited Dual Diagnosis Mental Health Centers Near You?

Even if therapy failed previously, or are in the middle of a difficult crisis, we stand ready to support you. Our trusted behavioral health specialists will not give up on you. When you feel ready or just want someone to speak to about counseling alternatives to change your life call us. Even if we cannot assist you, we will lead you to wherever you can get support. There is no obligation. Call our hotline today.

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Professional staff is essential for the success of inpatient mental health treatment. Only licensed staff can administer medications, and psychotherapy should be performed exclusively by those who received specialized education in it. Our licensed and professional staff makes an effort to tailor inpatient mental health treatment programs, keeping in mind your needs, desires, and circumstances. 

Inpatient mental health facilities in Spokane WA are a place of peace and tranquility that provides physical and psychological safety and allows a person to focus on their well-being and recovery. Located a comfortable driving distance from Seattle and Portland, our treatment center is easily accessible to those coming from Washington State, California, Idaho, Montana, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, North and South Dakota, the entire Western United States, and beyond. Whether you’re local or from out of town, our treatment center is equipped to provide the mental health services you need. 

We Level Up Washington inpatient treatment facility
Find peace and calm in our Spokane inpatient facilities.

Our Inpatient Mental Health Approach

Our professional staff delivers evidence-based psychotherapy as the cornerstone of our inpatient mental health treatment. We rely on the methodologies that have received support from studies and investigations. These approaches are also practitioners´ choice due to their high success rate. They include:

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), which focuses on identifying dysfunctional thinking patterns related to maladaptive behavior. It analyzes irrational beliefs and automatic thoughts and feelings, disputes them, and replaces them with newly established functional thinking and feeling patterns. With the change in thinking comes a change in behavior, and a person starts acting in a functional way, a way that is beneficial for the person. 

Dialectic behavioral therapy (DBT), derived from CBT to treat borderline personality disorder but proven to have efficacy in other disorders treatments, also affects the way we think. However, rather than disputing thinking patterns, it focuses on establishing a balance between change and acceptance. The main aim is to lose polarized or black-and-white mindsets and to promote the idea that change need not be the opposite of the current state. 

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In addition to psychotherapy, we rely on the administration of FDA-approved medication when acute states require it. The purpose of medicine-assisted treatment (MAT) is to get the person into a state of tranquility and psychological comfort so they can be ready and open to engage in psychotherapy. MAT is especially beneficial in dual diagnosis cases when substance abuse co-occurs and a client is in need of detoxification.  

Medical staff at inpatient mental health facilities in Spokane WA
We Level Up inpatient mental health facilities in Washington State have educated, experienced, and licensed staff to take care of any mental disorder.

Disorders Treated at the Inpatient Mental Health Facilities in Spokane WA

With supreme education and years of experience, our staff is able to address and treat a variety of mental health disorders. Each client´s story is unique, and people with the same diagnosis can have different experiences and expressions of it. Still, here is a short list of the most frequently treated mental health disorders at We Level Up inpatient mental health facilities in Washington State. 

  • Anxiety disorder: To feel anxious means to feel worry and fear about certain events and their potential outcomes. Although everyone feels nervous and worried at times, when these emotions become overwhelming and start seriously affecting one´s life, it´s possible you are dealing with an anxiety disorder. There are different types of it, but they all require anxiety treatment for you to regain control over your life. 
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD): Some people who have experienced trauma, witnessed it, or heard about it can develop strong reactions. These reactions can include intense emotions and exaggerated responses to triggers. They may also act avoidantly towards anything that reminds them of the event. Symptoms of PTSD can significantly impair one´s life, but our PTSD treatment in Washington State has great results. 
  • Depression: Overwhelming and prolonged feelings of sadness are the main characteristic of any type of depressive disorder. Depression can happen for a variety of reasons and can lead to a complete loss of interest in daily activities and socializing. Luckily, depression treatment can address even the most persistent depression symptoms. 
  • Schizophrenia: Manifesting as disruptions in thought processes, perceptions, emotional responsiveness, and social interactions, this disorder can be persistent and disabling. Schizophrenia treatment is a must for successful management of a variety of life-disruptive symptoms. 
  • Borderline personality disorder (BPD): BPD is a complex mental health disorder characterized by intense emotional instability, impulsive behaviors, and difficulties in interpersonal relationships. A fragile sense of self and mood disorders that people with BPD have make their lives difficult. We Level Up borderline personality disorder treatment in Spokane WA relies on medication and psychotherapy and gives people a chance to live their life just like anybody else. 
  • Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD): This syndrome typically starts showing itself in childhood. Up until recently, it wasn´t known that it can manifest differently in men and women, so it was often misdiagnosed. Our ADHD treatment center in Washington ensures that differences are being recognized and addressed properly for the maximum effect of the treatment program. 

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Holding Hands

Dual Diagnosis Treatment at We Level Up Washington

The definition of dual diagnosis (also referred to as co-occurring disorders) can differ between institutions. However, it is generally described as a situation when two conditions—a mental health disorder and a substance abuse disorder—happen at the same time. It requires a specific treatment of both conditions at the same time for the best chances of a positive outcome. Treating dual-diagnosis clients is a critical aspect of our inpatient treatment experience.

We recognize the fragile complexities of how mental and substance abuse disorders can influence others and sometimes result in a vicious cycle of addiction.  That’s why we offer specialized treatment in dual-diagnosis cases to provide the most excellent chance of true healing and long-lasting recovery. Creating a treatment plan that addresses the physical aspects of withdrawal, the psychological connection with drug use, and managing underlying mental health disorders is part of setting clients up for success. 

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If you believe you are suffering from a mental health disorder along with addiction, we urge you to seek a qualified inpatient mental health facility in Washington.

Only a properly trained medical professional can diagnose these underlying conditions. A thorough mental health analysis identifies possibilities for treatment during inpatient drug and mental health rehab.  Meeting with mental health counselors and medical care providers means access to behavioral therapy and medication treatment. At our dual diagnosis treatment center and with our mental health inpatient services, We Level Up Washington can implement the highest quality of care.

A client and therapist in a psychotherapy session.
Our inpatient mental health facilities in Washington State rely on evidence-based approaches like CBT and DBT.

What to Expect During Your Stay at Our Long Term Mental Health Facilities in Washington State

Feeling like you can no longer take care of yourself, manage your everyday activities, or keep yourself safe may mean that you need inpatient mental health treatment. You made the decision about it, but now you are wondering what to expect from your stay at the long term mental health facilities Washington State offers. The answer depends on your diagnosis and the program we have tailored for you. 

First, you might be prescribed psychiatric medication. The clinical staff may recommend that you start taking medication on a long-term basis, or they may want you to take medication on a short-term basis to help you stabilize in the hospital. They may not recommend medicines at all. It depends on your condition, your preferences, and your history

The inside of the We Level Up Washington inpatient treatment facility
At We Level Up WA, clients receive access to suitable medication management and other medical services as needed.

Whether you receive medication or not, you’ll usually also participate in the following during your stay:

  • Group therapy sessions.
  • Individual therapy sessions.
  • Therapeutic activities like art, exercise, and yoga.

Group therapy sessions can be educational, therapeutic, or both. They often focus on topics that will help you understand and manage your symptoms and condition. They are also designed to help you and others in the group feel seen and understood, which can help you start to accept yourself and your condition and heal.

Individual therapy during inpatient treatment usually focuses on analyzing the conditions that led to your mental health crisis and hospital admission. These sessions can help you gain insight into what happened and how you can recover. They will also help you and your clinical team create an effective discharge plan and identify goals for ongoing therapy in the community.

Therapeutic activities are usually designed to help you feel calm. During a mental health crisis, your nervous system is overwhelmed. Soothing activities can help you calm your nerves, regain your ability to focus on the present and become better able to participate in and benefit from other therapeutic interventions.

Additionally, don’t expect to be in our inpatient mental health facilities in Washington State for too long. Studies have found that the average length of stay is 7–13 days for people with serious mental illness, that the general average length of stay is 15 days, and that the absence of serious mental illness was significantly associated with a shorter length of stay. So, depending on your inpatient mental health treatment in Washington State and how quickly you respond to it, you might be in our facility for as little as two or three days.

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Success Stories and Testimonials

We measure our success by your recovery, which is why your amazing recovery stories fuel us with the energy and drive to provide even more. Our professional and dedicated team makes us proud by always going a step further to accommodate the clients, provide supreme support, and individualize inpatient mental health treatment for each and every one of you. 

Here is what makes us proud:

  • 15+ Years of Experience!
  • 100s of 5-Star Reviews Across Our Centers!
  • 10K Recovery Success Stories Across Our Network!

We invite you to read our clients´ testimonials and see for yourself the kind of change we are able to produce. 

Two people writing during inpatient mental health treatment Washington State.
Many success stories and reviews testify to the quality of our inpatient mental health treatment Washington State.

Contact We Level Up Washington and Start Healing

It can be challenging to accept that you may be living with a mental disorder, but once it is properly diagnosed and treated, your life can tremendously improve. For a positive experience of learning to manage your mental health condition, we strongly suggest inpatient mental health treatment at our mental health hospital in Spokane.

We Level Up inpatient mental health facilities in Spokane WA can address any mental condition (dual diagnoses included) and accommodate any need you might have. Our 15 years of experience and all the knowledge our staff possesses are at your disposal. Reach out to us and start living to your full potential.

World-class, Accredited, 5-Star Reviewed, Effective Mental Health Dual Diagnosis Programs. Complete Integrated Inpatient Rehab with Free Post Discharge Therapy Planning.

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End the Emotional Pain Rollercoaster. Gain Stability & Happiness Through Recovery Treatment. Start Mental Health Counseling Today. Get Free No-obligation Guidance by Behaviroal Health Specialists Who Understand Mental Health Recovery.

  1. What is mental health inpatient treatment?

    The first step is to contact your health insurance provider to confirm if your policy covers mental health treatment. SearInpatient mental health treatment is an approach to treating different mental health conditions that implies staying in a facility for at least 24 hours. Depending on the case, a client might stay for a few days or a few weeks. Different facilities providing inpatient care can use a variety of methods and approaches to treat mental health problems and disorders.ching for a mental health inpatient near me? Call us to learn more.

  2. What is an inpatient mental health retreat?

    Inpatient mental health retreats are designed to infuse a sense of calm into the healing process. They provide a respite from the daily stressors or triggers that keep you off balance. This allows you to become stable again and to focus on wellness in a tranquil, upscale setting.

  3. How do I find inpatient mental health near me?

    First, contact your health insurance provider to confirm if your policy covers inpatient mental health treatment. When you have this confirmed, use these queries on Google: inpatient mental health facilities in Spokane WA, inpatient mental health facilities in Washington State, or inpatient mental health near me. A list of long term mental health facilities Washington State offers should pop up. To make your final choice about one of them, investigate them: check their ratings and clients´ testimonials. If you need more information on We Level Up Washington, give us a call. We will be happy to help you make an informed decision.

  4. Who should consider inpatient treatment?

    Individuals experiencing severe mental health crises, such as severe depression, suicidal thoughts, psychosis, or those who need a safe environment to stabilize their condition should consider inpatient treatment.

  5. How long does inpatient treatment last?

    The length of stay varies based on individual needs but typically ranges from a few days to several weeks. The treatment team will regularly assess progress to determine the appropriate duration.

  6. Can family and friends visit during inpatient treatment?

    Most facilities allow family and friends to visit during specified visiting hours. The treatment team encourages family involvement as it can be crucial to the recovery process.

  7. What should I bring to the inpatient mental health facilities in Spokane WA?

    Patients are typically advised to bring comfortable clothing, personal hygiene items, and any prescribed medications. Please get in touch with us so we can give you specific guidelines. Every facility may have some rules, so it’s always best to check beforehand.

  8. How is the cost of inpatient treatment covered?

    Insurance often covers part or all of the cost of inpatient treatment. It’s important to check with your insurance provider and the treatment facility to understand coverage and out-of-pocket expenses.

  9. What happens after inpatient mental health treatment?

    After inpatient treatment, patients usually transition to outpatient care or another form of continued support. This may include therapy, medication management, and support groups to maintain progress. At We Level Up, we also offer alumni coaching and personal development services. Reach out to inquire about it.

  10. Can I have my electronics and phone during inpatient mental health treatment in WA?

    Policies on electronics and phone usage vary by facility. Some allow limited use, while others restrict access to ensure patients focus on their recovery. Give us a call so we can discuss this.

  11. What is a typical day like in WA inpatient mental health treatment facilities?

    A typical day includes a structured schedule with various therapy sessions, activities, meals, and time for rest and reflection. The goal is to provide a balanced and supportive environment for recovery.

Tips for Maintaining Your Mental Well-being Informative Video

Video Script

8 Steps for Mental Wellbeing & How To Improve Mental Health In The Workplace

  • Staying Positive
  • Practicing Gratitude
  • Taking Care of Your Physical Health
  • Connecting With Others
  • Developing a Sense of Meaning and Purpose in Life
  • Developing Coping Skills
  • Meditation
  • Relaxation Techniques

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