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Washington Mental Health Facts

  • High Prevalence of Mental Health Issues: Approximately 25.51% of individuals in Washington State are experiencing mental health illnesses[1].
  • Statewide Mental Health Ranking: Washington ranks 31st in overall mental health standing among the states, a ranking that combines factors such as prevalence of mental illness and access to care.
  • Youth and Adult Mental Health Concerns: Mental health challenges in Washington span across all age groups, affecting both youth and adults. This broad spectrum indicates varied mental health needs prevalent among different generations in the state.
  • In FY 2019, over 790,000 Washington residents received mental health or substance use disorder services (source: Washington State Healthcare Authority).
  • Washington State has among the highest rates of diagnosed Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) in the United States.
  • Mental health and substance use disorders are among the leading causes of disability and morbidity in Washington state.

Our Commitment

At We Level Up Washington, we’re committed to you. Providing accessible, effective mental health care is our mission. Facing challenges? Seeking support? Our empathetic team is here with expert guidance and tailored treatments. You’re not alone — we’re with you at every step.

Join Us

Begin your journey to better mental health with us. At We Level Up Washington, you’re part of a supportive community committed to wellness and recovery. Join us to access the care you need and be part of a movement towards a healthier, more resilient future.

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Effective Treatment for Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar, Schizophrenia & More

Find the care you need to improve your mental health at the We Level Up Washington behavioral health center. Our licensed and accredited facility specializes in innovative recovery treatment for depression, anxiety, bipolar, schizophrenia, and most other cases. Experience personalized care and science-based mental health treatments tailored to your unique needs in a serene facility for renewal.

depression disorders

Depression Disorders

Depression affects everyone differently. Therapy yields diverse results for each individual. Finding the ideal depression treatment center tailored to your needs is crucial for those suffering. The We Level Up Washington behavioral health Spokane mental health facility can help.

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add disorders

ADD Disorders

Unlock a better life with personalized therapy for ADD. With effective treatment, anyone can learn to manage this treatable condition and regain control of their symptoms. Bid so long to ADD challenges and hello to a renewed life of possibilities. Get better at We Level Up’s Washington State mental health center now.

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Mood Personality disorder

Mood + Personality Disorders

Struggling with mood or personality disorders can devastate your life and your family’s well-being. Without treatment, it can become an unbearable burden on your daily life and work. Get help at We Level Up’s Washington rehabilitation center. Regain control and improve your quality of life.

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Backed by a Team with History of Excellence

We Level Up Washington is renowned for its comprehensive approach to addressing a wide range of behavioral health disorders, setting a standard for mental health care excellence.

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Years of Unified Experience


5-Star Reviews Across Our Centers


Recovery Success Stories Across Our Network

We Level Up Admission Process

From Your First Call to Our Doors in As Little As 24 Hours.


Pre-Admission Assement

Upon reaching out to our Washington behavioral health center, you’ll be assigned an admissions coordinator who will complete a 15-30-minute evaluation of you or your loved one’s medical, mental health & substance abuse history.


Insurance Check

While on the phone, we will collect relevant information to determine whether your health insurance can be accepted. In many cases, the answer may be positive. We work with a broad network of providers and can help you find appropriate resources.


Exploring Your Payment Options

If your insurance isn’t accepted or you prefer different payment methods, don’t worry. We’ll present you with an alternative option, ensuring you find a solution that fits your needs.


Dedicated Treatment Consultant

After finalizing admission details, our call center will coordinate with the facility, organize your initial interactions, and make necessary arrangements. Once admitted, the treatment staff will provide the tailored care and support you need.


Arrival and Transportation

If you are arriving from out of town, we can assist in arranging pickup and safe transfer to the facility.


Start of Your Recovery

As soon as you have arrived, We Level Up staff will greet you and finalize the admissions process, giving you a chance to start working towards an improved, healthier you.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Testimonials from the We Level Up Treatment Center network do not guarantee you the same outcome of treatment. Each person’s journey is unique and results may vary.

First-class Facilities & Amenities

World-class High-Quality Behavioral Health Treatment In Florida with Secondary Substance Abuse Programs. Renowned Mental Health Centers. Serene Private Facilities.

Proven recovery success experience, backed by a Team with History of:

  • Low Patient to Therapist Ratio
  • Comprehensive Dual-Diagnosis Treatment
  • Complimentary Family & Alumni Programs
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Specializing in Advanced, Innovative Primary Mental Health Programs

The We Level Up Washington behavioral health center offers exceptional mental health treatment programs for various conditions, applying evidence-based cognitive and dialectical behavior therapy. Recover with We Level Up Washington mental health center’s innovative and advanced treatment programs. Our evidence-based cognitive behavior therapy effectively treats various conditions.

Join We Level Up’s Spokane mental health residential treatment center and experience exceptional dialectical behavior therapy programs. Come to our inpatient mental health facilities in Washington State and level up your mental health.

About We Level Up

We Level Up Washington treatment center is part of a larger network of mental health treatment facilities. Evidence-based practices and adherence to our mission and core values drive our success.

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Core Values

We Level Up Washington treatment center adheres to a strict ethos backed by a commitment to our core values of:

freedom bird


Exercise the power of choosing to stay true to yourself.



When you take part of a group with a vision bigger than yourself, you can overcome any obstacle.



No matter what life throws at you, you show up and find a solution.



Commit to self-love and trust that you are exactly where you are meant to be.


Providing complete treatment with a life-long map back to long-term recovery success.

Enabling clients to live to their full potential so they can choose a life without mental health limitations.

So tell me this, what can’t you do?

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We understand that you and your family may be going through a challenging period. The process of comprehending the treatment options for the mental health disorders that we address can be quite complex, and it may raise numerous questions.


How to find top-quality mental health treatment centers in Washington?

Identifying a premier mental health treatment center in Washington involves researching facilities recognized for excellence, such as We Level Up Washington. Questions to guide your search include the accreditation status, the experience of staff in treating mental health and co-occurring disorders, and recommendations from industry professionals. Our center is a leading mental health treatment center in Washington State, acknowledged for providing high-quality care tailored to each individual’s needs.


What sets your inpatient mental health center apart from others?

What distinguishes We Level Up Washington from other mental health hospitals in Washington State is our unwavering dedication to evidence-based care, rapid intake process, and a nurturing environment facilitated by our expert staff. Our facility stands out among mental health centers near me for its comprehensive approach to treating complex dual-diagnosis cases, ensuring a supportive recovery journey.


What is the environment like at your inpatient mental health centers?

We Level Up Washington is designed to offer a serene, environment among mental health facilities in Washington. Our center provides a peaceful setting with round-the-clock care, ensuring comfort and safety. It’s a place where clients can find tranquility and focus on their recovery, distinguishing itself from other mental health facilities in Spokane, WA, and beyond.


How is the treatment at We Level Up Washington mental health center personalized to individual clients?

Personalized care is the hallmark of We Level Up Washington, making it a standout among mental health hospitals near you. Our approach involves customizing treatment plans to meet the unique needs of each client, supported by a team that’s highly trained in a broad spectrum of therapeutic modalities. This individualized care ensures that we meet the diverse needs of our clients, setting us apart from other mental health hospitals in Washington State.


What types of therapies are offered at your inpatient treatment center, and how effective are they?

We Level Up Washington offers an array of effective therapies, positioning us as a leader among mental health treatment centers Washington State. Our holistic and integrated dual-diagnosis programs are designed to treat the entire spectrum of mental health issues, from depression and anxiety to co-occurring substance abuse disorders, distinguishing our services from other mental health facilities WA.


[1] “Mental Health Statistics by State.” World Population Review, 2024. Available at:

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