How to Admit Yourself To A Mental Hospital in Washington State?

Despite the growing prevalence of mental health issues, many people are still reluctant to get the treatment they require, frequently because of persistent stigma or misconceptions about mental health services. Even though these problems are becoming more widely acknowledged, there is still a big delay in making the initial move toward recovery. ⁤⁤A vital, powerful […]

Despite the growing prevalence of mental health issues, many people are still reluctant to get the treatment they require, frequently because of persistent stigma or misconceptions about mental health services. Even though these problems are becoming more widely acknowledged, there is still a big delay in making the initial move toward recovery. ⁤⁤A vital, powerful step that may put someone on the road to healing is learning how to admit yourself to a mental hospital. Checking into a mental hospital might seem scary initially. However, it opens the door to professional support and a community that understands you and can guide you through the challenges you face.

Breaking down underutilization of mental health services

Even with the increasing awareness of mental health issues and the availability of quality inpatient mental health facilities in Washington State and the U.S. as a whole, many continue to suffer in silence.

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Maintaining a healthy mind is just as important as taking care of your body. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you are experiencing mental health issues!

Mental health issues plague a strikingly high number of Americans. In fact, data published by Mental Health America suggests that a total of 20.78% of adults in the nation struggle with some sort of mental health illness. That translates to over 50 million people!

Yet, the vast majority of individuals with mental health problems, 54.7% to be exact, continue not to receive the necessary treatment. That’s a total of 28 million people nationwide who are not utilizing the mental health services available to them. Even in states ranked highest for access to mental health care, a significant portion of affected adults remain untreated​​.

The reality of mental health in Washington State

If you thought national numbers were bad, think again. Washington State statistics supported by the same research are even more frightening and show that 25.51%, or around 1,500,000 people, were suffering from mental disorders in 2023. Only 50% of those affected received some sort of treatment in the past year. This means 750,000 people are still left struggling.

The situation is even worse when we look at statistics for serious thoughts of suicide. In Washington, 5.62% of adults report such thoughts, equating to around 331,000 individuals. Also, 7.20% of adults with a mental illness in the U.S. are uninsured, exacerbating the challenge of accessing necessary care​.

These figures highlight the serious disparities in the use of mental health services in Washington State as well as across the country. Financial limits, restrictions on insurance coverage, and a lack of mental health specialists are a few of the obstacles that prevent people from receiving treatment.

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Recognizing the need for checking into a mental health facility

Recognizing the need for hospitalization is crucial for individuals experiencing severe mental health challenges, including those with cluster B personality disorders. Identifying the right moment to seek help involves understanding specific signs that indicate a need for more intensive care.

Here’s what to pay special attention to:

  • Posing risk to yourself or others.
  • Being unable to care for yourself.
  • Experiencing extreme psychological distress.

If you are facing such challenges, you might want to research how to check yourself into a mental hospital. Common criteria for admission include:

  • History of self-harm or violence.
  • A diagnosis of a serious mental illness.
  • The inadequacy of outpatient treatment options.

For more detailed information on the admission process in WA, including voluntary and involuntary commitments, feel free to reach out to an admission specialist at We Level Up Washington!

While there are differences in the criteria for admission and referral requirements, the person’s urgent safety and well-being are the main priorities. Understanding how to admit yourself to a mental hospital involves recognizing these criteria and knowing when professional help is needed to manage your condition safely.

Man screaming and holding his head in distress before checking into a mental hospital
Knowing when and how to admit yourself to a mental hospital can literally be a lifesaving step.

Signs of a psychiatric crisis

Can you check yourself into a mental hospital? You can and should, especially if experiencing symptoms of a psychiatric crisis. Although there are many different types of symptoms, strong mood swings, social disengagement, poor personal cleanliness, sleep difficulties, violent conduct, and psychotic symptoms, including delusions or hallucinations, are the most frequent ones.

These symptoms can be more prominent in those who are experiencing severe anxiety or despair. On top of this, they may also include drug misuse or suicidal thoughts. It’s important to recognize these signs early on, as that’s the only way to stop the crisis from getting worse.

Handling a mental health crisis

When faced with a mental health crisis, in particular, early intervention gains a drastically higher significance. That’s when checking into our mental health facility near Washington, where compassionate care and support are readily available, doesn’t only become optional; it becomes necessary!

How can you recognize you are in a crisis, though? Well, if you ever feel like you are at a breaking point, you find it hard to function, get out of bed, let alone go to work, you could be going through a problem that requires immediate addressing. When you are in a crisis, you could also feel so overwhelmed by something that you find your usual coping skills suddenly don’t work. While it might not sound as severe, those near or at their breaking point could also pose a serious threat to themselves and others.

You can find yourself in a crisis even if you have received treatment before or are currently inside a mental health facility! Unfortunately, unpredictability is part of its nature.

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Holding Hands

How to check yourself Into a mental hospital?

So, you have decided that admitting yourself to a mental hospital is the best thing. But there’s still the question of how to admit yourself to a mental hospital.

Truth be told, the process of checking into a mental health facility involves several steps. It begins with a complete mental health assessment. This assessment is a must, as it helps We Level Up Washington staff understand your condition and any other disorders that might be present.

After the initial assessment, insurance and financial considerations come into play. You could be wondering ”Does Cigna offer mental health coverage?”, or ”Does my Blue Cross Blue Shield policy cover the entire treatment?”. The good news is that our facility works with the majority of major providers, meaning typically, there will not be any issues. However, to be sure, before we proceed with the admission, we’ll conduct an insurance check. This is done for your peace of mind.

And if you are wondering, “Can you check yourself into a mental hospital instead of having it done by someone else?” Yes, you can, and at We Level Up Washington, we’re here to assist you any time of day or night. Our facility is accessible 24/7 via our helpline.

Man talking to a healthcare worker about checking yourself into a mental hospital
Our helpline ensures you’re not alone and remains available 24/7 in case you are interested in checking yourself into a mental hospital.

The question isn’t always how to admit yourself into a mental hospital but how to admit your loved ones!

Identifying when a loved one requires professional support for their mental health is crucial. If you observe the following signs, it might be time you considered checking them into our facility:

  • Persistent sadness or despair
  • Severe mood swings
  • Withdrawal from social activities
  • Changes in eating or sleeping patterns
  • Self-harming behavior or suicidal thoughts
  • Difficulty managing daily tasks
  • Substance abuse
  • Hallucinations or delusions
  • Intense anxiety or paranoia

In such situations, it is important to have an open and supportive discussion about the potential for voluntary admission to a specialized facility. The good news is that whether you are looking for a facility that can help your loved one with their anxiety, one that addresses multiple disorders, or the most reputable of depression treatment centers in Washington State, We Level Up Washington is there to deliver personalized and quality care.

Unfortunately, there are instances where forced admission can’t be avoided. This covers situations in which a person either poses a danger to themselves or others or is incapable of recognizing that they require therapy. Involuntary commitment laws differ from state to state. However, in most cases, proof of an imminent danger to the person is needed.

Suppose the person you care about is hesitant to accept help. If so, you should emphasize the positive changes they will inevitably observe, such as a better quality of life and less discomfort.

Person checking into a mental health facility
If you are not wondering how to admit yourself into a mental hospital, you may be wondering how to admit your loved one.

Can you check yourself into a mental hospital voluntarily?

The first step toward recovery from mental illness is voluntary admission to a mental institution for treatment. This is because a person’s depression or anxiety treatment in Washington (or treatment of any other disorder) is more likely to be successful when they decide to take an active role in it.

The benefits of voluntary admission include:

  • Maintaining control over your treatment decisions.
  • Increased receptiveness to therapy.
  • Potential reduction in the length of hospital stay.

What rights do you have when checking yourself into a mental hospital?

Anyone thinking about checking themselves or a loved one into a mental hospital has to be aware of the laws surrounding mental health care. In Washington State, clients of Apple Health (Medicaid) are protected by specific rights when seeking treatment for mental health and behavioral issues. These ensure they receive the appropriate care and are treated with dignity and respect.

Knowing your rights is crucial before you actually check yourself into a mental facility. The right to privacy, the right to know what to expect from the treatment, and the freedom to agree or decline treatment (barring obvious risks) are all part of these. Patients deserve to be autonomous when deciding on the type of treatment, which is precisely why these protections exist.

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What after checking into a mental hospital?

Post-checking into our facility, you can anticipate receiving individualized care that covers all of your bases. In order for us to fully understand your mental health disorder, though, we will first start with a thorough evaluation of your condition.

Therapies you are likely to engage in post-admission include:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to address negative thought patterns.
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) for emotional regulation.
  • Group therapy for shared experiences and support.

Additionally, medication management could play an important role in the recovery process, especially in selecting appropriate drugs for major depressive disorder and other conditions.

There’s no shame in admitting yourself to a mental hospital!

Now that you know how to admit yourself to a mental hospital and understand why it is important you do so, we strongly suggest you take action! Keep in mind that you are not alone, that there is hope, and that there are those who are prepared to be there for you at all times. And no, getting treatment isn’t a sign of weakness or something to be ashamed of. On the contrary, it is a sign of tremendous strength and the first and most crucial step in improving your mental health!

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