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We Level Up WA mental health center offers comfortable depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, and other complex cases therapy along with secondary dual diagnosis treatment programs.

We believe in comprehensive science-based holistic treatment therapy including intensive group & individual sessions, and recreational therapy coupled with family and alumni support to start. Speak with one of our knowledgeable mental health specialists to learn more about our Washington treatment center programs.

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We Level Up’s Washington mental health treatment center serves the Northwest USA.

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Relaxing setting perfect for recovery at our WA treatment center for mental health recovery.

Many mental health treatment centers diagnose solely based on symptoms. But, the We Level Up WA team of dual-diagnosis specialists is well-trained to assess and treat both mental health & secondary co-occurring addiction disorders using science-based therapy programs.

Integrated medical care is at the core of what we do. We pinpoint and treat corresponding medical ailments that are contributing to a primary behavioral health condition. While caring for medical conditions that result from behavioral health conditions.

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Science-based Treatment Center

We Level Up WA mental health dual-diagnosis treatment teams follow evidence-based recovery therapy. Providing high-quality intensive inpatient treatment programs for mental health disorders & secondary co-occurring substance abuse disorders.

Feel At Peace Again

Along with ultra-modern therapeutic modalities to advance mental health treatment outcomes. Moreover, the We Level Up WA Mental Health Center also offers:

  1. Quick intake appointments. And in some cases, where warranted, same-day admissions.
  2. Comfortable & safe settings with attentive, caring, and accountable treatment staff.
  3. Clients are welcomed in a stylish cutting-edge renovated facility with modern amenities & recreational therapies to promote recovery.
  4. In-house Teams of specialists trained to deal with complex co-occurring dual diagnosis treatment therapy.
  5. Complimentary critical family and alumni programs so you’ll have support while in treatment and after you leave.
  6. We accept most insurance and offer free benefits verification without any obligation.
  7. The highest level of care is provided via Intensive residential inpatient treatment.

Please contact us if you have questions regarding your diagnosis or want licensed guidance or therapy.

Intensive Inpatient Rehab

What is inpatient rehab? Mental health inpatient rehab centers serve as personalized therapy programs begin for mental health disorders. Recovery starts with getting help.

What behavioral health rehab programs are provided? Providing therapy, education, and support for recovery after treatment is crucial to mental health treatment centers.

We Level Up WA inpatient rehab offers:

  • Free life-long client alumni program.
  • Free life-long family support program.
  • Specialized inpatient rehab mental health treatment teams.
  • Complex Dual Diagnosis Secondary Mental Health Treatment.

First-class Washington Mental Health Treatment Center

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About We Level Up WA Mental Health Treatment Center

We Level Up WA treatment center

We Level Up Washington is a part of a larger network of mental health treatment facilities. Our success is driven by evidence-based practices and adherence to our mission and core values. Learn about us.

About us

Core Values

We Level Up Washington treatment center adheres to a strict ethos backed by a commitment to our core values of: FREEDOM, COMMUNITY, ACCOUNTABILITY, ACCEPTANCE



Providing you with complete treatment with a life-long map back to ongoing long-term recovery success. Enabling clients to live to their fullest, most authentic potential so that they can choose a dream life without limitations of substance abuse or mental health conditions.  So tell me this, what can’t you do?

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  1. Mend relationships with friends and family today. Mental health disorders negatively impact everyone around you. Your entire family & loved ones likely have failed to try to cope with the severe consequences of your mental health disorder. Feelings & problems of guilt, shame, anger, fear, lack of trust, financial difficulties, and hopelessness abound. Get help to fix your relationships today.
  2. Regain your career and find employment opportunities today. Problems at the office can start small, like missing deadlines or being tardy once or twice. But, as one’s mental health disorder progresses, what did minor problems soon become a pattern of disciplinary issues that lead to job loss and termination. If you’ve lost your job or are afraid of losing it, treatment can help. Even better pursuant to Family Medical Leave Act or FMLA your job may be protected while in mental health treatment. Call us to learn more.
  3. Treat overdue serious and or developing medical health problems today. Extended substance abuse can quickly escalate to the point of severely risking one’s physical health. Dangerous impacts on your health can include worsening health conditions like collapsed veins, pneumonia, asthma, bronchitis, tuberculosis, vomiting, nausea, severe constipation, sleepiness, depression, anxiety, OCD, ADD, ADHD, stomach pains, kidney and liver damage, seizures, stroke, memory loss & brain damage. You may find yourself with weak immunity, and an increased risk of HIV / AIDS, Hepatitis, and other diseases. If you are already experiencing these illnesses, your body is already signaling that you need help today.

Are you ready to overcome your mental health disorder? We Level Up Washington treatment center is here to partner with you on your journey to recovery success. There is no better time than today! Get started with a phone call!