Dual Diagnosis Rehab Washington

Married to an alcoholic

Handling a loved one’s addiction When you’re married to an alcoholic, it can be scary and stressful. You can start to internalize a lot of your feelings about what’s happening as a result of your partner’s alcoholism, and you may find yourself… Read More »Married to an alcoholic

Co-occurring disorders

What Are Co-Occurring Disorders? Dual Diagnosis Rehab Washington When a person is diagnosed with both a mental illness and a substance use disorder, they are said to have co-occurring disorders. Though the disorders can exist separately from one another, when they coexist in… Read More »Co-occurring disorders

Adderall Withdrawal

What is Adderall Withdrawal? Adderall withdrawal is different for everyone. Your withdrawal experience will depend on several factors, including the nature of your Adderall use. If you have a stimulant use disorder (Adderall addiction), then there will be additional issues to contend… Read More »Adderall Withdrawal

Laudanum Addiction

Laudanum Addiction: What is Laudanum? In Victorian-era Europe and North America, laudanum was lauded as a cure-all remedy and creative aid by artists and civilians alike. As a liquid composed mostly of alcohol, laudanum was mostly taken orally, buccally, and… Read More »Laudanum Addiction