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Learn about PTSD with We Level Up Washington. Read about how it happens, what the symptoms are and what the best treatment options can be.

Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a mental health condition that often requires specialized PTSD treatment. Initially thought to happen only to war veterans, it is now known to be a disorder that can affect anyone. Any traumatic event can cause PTSD, whether a person experienced it firsthand, saw it happen, or only heard about it. It can seriously impair your life and lead to comorbid mental problems if left untreated.

Treating PTSD is a lengthy process, and it often requires professional assistance, whether in the form of education, advice, or support. Different approaches to treatment can be found at the PTSD treatment centers Washington State has, and it´s essential to find the one that works for you. At We Level Up Washington, you can get trauma-informed treatment to help you start your recovery journey. Our professional staff can provide guidance on your next steps and advise you on the right treatments for you. 

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Understanding PTSD

PTSD is a mental health condition that can happen to people who go through a traumatic experience, a series of events, or a set of circumstances. It can even happen if you only witness something traumatic or hear about it from someone you feel close to.

Some examples of such events include:

  • Natural disasters
  • Intimate violence
  • Sexual assault
  • Historical trauma (like war)
  • Serious accidents

A person might perceive these events as harmful or life-threatening. According to the National Center for PTSD, the incidence of PTSD is around 6%.

PTSD symptoms

PTSD symptoms may start within a month after a traumatic event, but also years later. Symptoms requiring PTSD treatment can be categorized into four groups:

  1. Intrusion or re-experiencing. Having intrusive thoughts and memories, nightmares, or flashbacks of the traumatic event. These flashbacks can be so vivid that it  might feel like you are reliving your traumatic experience. You might have physical symptoms while it´s happening. 
  2. Avoidance. Behaving in an avoidant way with people, objects, or places if they are reminding you of your traumatic experience. Some of you might avoid talking about what happened to you, or you might change a routine to avoid triggering memories. 
  3. Alteration of cognition and mood. Not being able to remember certain details about the traumatic event. Having distorted beliefs about yourself or others, sometimes even blaming yourself for the traumatic event. Feeling fear, anger, shame, or disinterest in activities you previously enjoyed. 
  4. Alteration of arousal and reactivity. Being irritable, having angry outbursts, or behaving recklessly or self-destructively. Also, being easily scared, feeling on guard, or on edge. Problems sleeping and concentrating can also happen, and you might have difficulties maintaining close relationships. 

Not everyone going through a traumatic event will develop PTSD, nor will every PTSD have severe symptoms that require intervention. But even having a few of the listed symptoms can damage the quality of life, both yours and the ones that surround you. Dealing with them in a timely manner can prevent further negative impacts. Seeking professional help for PTSD treatment in Washington State can be of tremendous help when dealing with what happened to you. 

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Many PTSD treatment centers Washington State has can help you deal with your PTSD symptoms.

Treatment options at the PTSD treatment center in Washington State

PTSD treatment centers in Washington State use various PTSD treatment options. Some of the typical ones are:

  • Cognitive therapy, including cognitive processing therapy – a cognitive approach to a traumatic event. You process the event through different techniques or work on your beliefs, such as self-blame. 
  • Exposure and prolonged exposure therapy – an approach that aims to minimize the symptoms of PTSD by addressing the effects of trauma. It does so by exposing a person to both memories of the trauma and reminders of the memory
  • Eye-movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) – a modality that relies on the simple method by which you follow an object with your eyes for half a minute while thinking of a specific part of the traumatic event. It´s followed by a conversation about thoughts during the process, and it aims to develop your coping skills. 
  • Stress Inoculation Training (SIT) – a type of cognitive behavioral therapy that helps you deal with the stress caused by an event. It can be done individually or in a group, and you are likely to describe your experience in detail.  
  • Medications – prescribed when it´s necessary to restore the balance of neurotransmitters. This will help you process things more clearly. Medications can also be introduced to treat a specific symptom, like insomnia. 

It is very important to rely on a professional when starting your PTSD treatment in Washington State. Trauma-informed therapy, like the kind that We Level Up Washington offers, would be the ideal first step. 

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Trauma-informed care understands trauma´s pervasiveness, promotes a healing environment, and emphasizes physical, psychological, and emotional safety. It´s a paradigm shift, as it focuses on understanding the root causes of distress and your full history rather than just what happened to you in the traumatic event. Having trauma-informed care as the initial step in your PTSD treatment is of great importance, as it minimizes the risk of re-traumatizing or triggering PTSD symptoms while in a long-term recovery process. 

Why choose We Level Up Washington to start PTSD treatment in Washington State?

We Level Up Washington is one of the mental health hospitals in Washington State, and it provides various services to aid your overall well-being. We provide trauma-informed care to help you begin healing from PTSD. However, PTSD treatment is a lengthy process. We can inform you about this condition and provide relevant information.

Our specialists know what you are going through. Our mission is to support you and enable you to reach your full potential and choose a life without mental health limitations. We believe in a holistic approach and combine different treatment methods and techniques to provide you with a tailor-made experience that suits your needs. 

Our Inpatient Mental Health Facilities in Washington State offer a safe environment for healing. The serenity and privacy of our spaces, combined with our staff’s attentiveness and genuine care, guarantee confidentiality and acceptance. 

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We can help you battle mental health conditions you may experience due to PTSD. For instance, some of the well-established programs we are proud of include:

In addition, in the case of more complex situations, when you struggle with substance abuse alongside the post traumatic stress disorder, we can support you with our Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Spokane WA. We will make sure you get personalized treatment that is adjusted to your needs and in accordance with the highest standard of care.

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Trauma-informed therapy is an essential step for starting your recovery journey at a PTSD treatment center in Washington State.

What can We Level Up Washington do for you?

We at We Level Up Wahington use trauma-informed therapy to empower you with the skills and understanding necessary for long-term healing and resilience. Although we do not provide a multi-month or multi-year treatment that is necessary for PTSD treatment, we can help you get the right information and resources and choose the next steps. 

Relying on trauma-informed care with us before joining a PTSD treatment center in Washington State sets the tone for your recovery journey. 

Making the first step in your PTSD treatment in Washington State is a courageous one and essential for your recovery. We made it our mission to assist you in making it. 

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PTSD treatment is a long journey, but We Level Up Washington can help you start it off the right way.

A recovery journey is rarely an easy or short one. Getting full PTSD treatment in Washington State will take time—months, maybe years. 

We Level Up Washington can set you on the right path, provide information, improve your resilience, and help you prepare for what´s to come. It´s important to continue addressing your trauma. Only that way will you ensure that you live to your full potential and enjoy your life.

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Start healing with us before exploring PTSD treatment centers Washington State has

PTSD can significantly impair your life, destroy your confidence, and damage your relationships. To prevent it or fight it, seek help from PTSD treatment centers in Washington State, such as We Level Up WA.

The knowledgeable and caring staff at We Level Up Washington will ensure you receive tailored PTSD treatment in Washington State. We will provide you with trauma-informed care, empower you, and offer you the support you need to heal.

Contact We Level Up Washington for more information on the kind of support we can provide. Each call is private and confidential, and we will make sure to assist you to the best of our abilities. 

FAQ about our PTSD treatment in Washington State

What types of PTSD treatment do you offer?

We provide trauma-informed care tailored to individual needs, including cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), prolonged exposure therapy, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), and medication management. Our goal is to find the most effective approach for each patient.

How do I know if I need treatment for PTSD?

If you’re experiencing symptoms such as recurrent memories of the traumatic event, nightmares, severe anxiety, or uncontrollable thoughts about the event, it may be beneficial to seek an evaluation from our specialists. PTSD can manifest differently in individuals, and professional assessment is key to determining if treatment is needed.

How long does the PTSD treatment program last?

The duration of our PTSD treatment program varies depending on the individual’s specific needs and the treatment approach used. Some patients may see significant improvements within a few months, while others might require longer-term support.

Can family members be involved in the treatment process?

Yes, family involvement can be an important part of the recovery process.

Does insurance cover the PTSD treatment?

Most health insurance plans cover PTSD treatment and trauma-informed care, but coverage can vary. We recommend contacting your insurance provider for specific details about your coverage. Our administrative staff can also assist with insurance verification and billing questions.

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